hello everyone, random art again :)
actually it's my nephew silhouette. I made it by his mom request for his 3rd birthday :D
I bought him a pair of shoes. He like it very much. He show and tell each of his friend that he got the shoes from me, so cute!

Back to topic, as you can see. I overlaying my nephew silhouette with some abandoned playground. That's what today's children facing. No more enough open space for them to play and hang out with friends of their age.

Children stayed up in their room, facing game console and tv every day. They don't do enough exercises so they body can stay healthy :(

For you guys who have child or nephew or cousing take them out from their room/house once a while. Play with them outside :) Don't always take them to the mall on weekend. Go fishing, camping or just pay ball outside the house.

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