yesterday was great, I got a brand new tie from Debenhams Indonesia.
Iseng2 gw ikutan kuis @DebenhamsIND. It's an easy one, we just need to take a picture of products that we bought from Debenhams on Midninght Sale, and mention it via twitter to Debenhams Indonesia twitter account. After that we just need to relax and wait the admin announce the winner. Luckily I won. Only 3 people was chosen.

Right after isya, I'm heading to Senayan City ground floor, Debenhams Indonesia Customer Service, near the starbucks. The lady on the customer service confirming my identity by checking my id card. After that he give me the gift and ask me to sign on the receipt.

me and the Xmas gift from Debenhams Indonesia
After having dinner on Senayan City food studio, i'm heading back to my dorm and open the gift wrapper. I'm so excited, turned otu the gift was a pack of tie set :D

nice purple tie :*
Thanks again for Debenhams Indonesia, i'm waiting for the next quiz and the next gift :D tehee...

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