Showcase ke dua sketch book gw, I've been drawing a lot since there's nothing to do in office, so I just started drawing till I get home :D. Nothing much, only simple sketch and Illustration, here take a look....

Ini ceritanya people with technology these days, they losing their head. Social media make people less social, i"m one of the victim juga sih kayaknya :(

sketch of someone hand holding a camera

just simple sketch of a Man with his sun glasses, and beard in a suit

let's go
Lovers flying up high in the sky (i don't see any sky? just assume it's there :p)

I was gonna paint her lip red, but I don't have any red ink with me in Office, so I just keep it like this, just imagine her lip was red

Lovers kissing under the rain, yeah that pattern on the top left corner is rain -___-"

Below are 2 pieces that I named Project Sleep. From today I'm gonna start drawing people sleeping viewed from above. The first one man sleeping in his couch while watching DVD, and the second one is a young adult woman, sleeping in his bath tub, too much liquor I think, and she is too lazy too move her ass to the bed :p

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